• Here at J.R.autotechnics we are proud to have the latest Hunter HawkEye Elite TD Four Wheel Alignment system.
    This system uses four precision cameras for accurate measurement and patented QuickGrip adaptors which grip the tyre not the wheel, eliminating any metal-to-metal contact with your rims. These used in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturers latest data allows us to get you back to driving smoothly, safely and efficiently

    Do I need a Four Wheel Alignment Check?

    If you can say yes to any of the statements below then you could benefit from having a four wheel alignment check and adjustment.

    Are your tyres wearing unevenly?
    Does your car pull to the left or right when driving in a straight line?
    When you're driving straight is your steering wheel off at an angle?

    Our ramp is also flush fitted to the floor so even the lowest of lowered vehicles is no trouble for us.

  • What is Four Wheel Alignment?
  • In its simplest form, four wheel alignment is a process that consists of adjusting the angles of all four wheels (Toe, Camber & Caster) so that they are set to the car makers specification. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tyre wear; improve the vehicles handling & stability and increase fuel efficiency.

    Here at J.R.autotechnics we don't just tell you about any misalignments but we can show you with our easy to understand print outs.

    Alignment angles can also be set to obtain specific handling characteristics which are out of the normal range, for example with lowered or motorsport vehicles.

  • What are the benefits of a properly aligned vehicle?

    A correctly aligned vehicle will have:

    • Reduced Tyre Wear
    • Improved Fuel consumption
    • Improved handling
    • A safer and smoother driving experience

    The above factors not only help the environment too, but they also save you money.

  • What causes mis-alignment

    Through every day driving a vehicles geometry can move out of alignment and become mis-aligned. Factors such as hitting potholes, driving on poor road surfaces or kerbing can alter this dramatically as well as suspension parts becoming worn.